Spear Archive The evolution of hot interstellar medium (ISM) in galaxies is fundamental to the evolution of our cosmos. The Spectroscopy of Plasma Evolution from Astrophysical Radiation (SPEAR) mission will study the hot ISM, providing pointed observations and the first all-sky spectral maps in the Far (FUV) Ultraviolet. The FUV bandpass contains the primary cooling lines of abundant elements in a variety of ionization states. SPEAR’s broad bandpass (λλ 900 – 1750 Å), spectral resolution (λ/δλ ~ 700) and imaging resolution (5’ – 10’) has been chosen to determine independently the quantity, temperature, depletion, and ionization of hot galactic gas. These SPEAR data allow us to study the hot ISM on both large and small scales and to discriminate among models of the large-scale creation, distribution, and evolution of hot gas in the Galactic disk and halo.

This website is divided into two parts. The first is a public archive which allows access to the SPEAR all-sky survey raw spectra as well as the intensity maps for ten emission line features. The second part is a list of published science results. This web site was created by Jonah Nakagawa and Martin Sirk.

Spear Archive

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